Self Leadership – How to Lead your own life

When people mention leadership, the focus is quite often on others—how leaders serve, empower, and motivate them. Lets take a different approach and talk about how to be a leader of your own life.

what if we flip the plot?

What if, instead of focusing on leadership in relation to others, we focused on the leadership we can perform in our own lives?

To lead your life from including you in the picture, here are 7 elements you need to consider

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1. Identify your Value system

To be a self-leader, you must first understand who you are and what your core values are. You must then have faith in yourself to act in accordance with those values. You must act and live in a way that is true to yourself. That does not imply that you live your life without regard for others. It simply means that you value your own as much as you value theirs.

2. Doing what’s right, not what’s easy

There are some things you just don’t mess around with. There is no room for compromise when it comes to integrity, honesty, and ethics. Maintain consistency between what you say and what you do; keep integrity at the core of your character and you will never lose sight of it. We’re all human, and no one is perfect. However, you can always make an effort to choose what is right over what is convenient or personally beneficial.

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3. Leading by example

Every day, whether you realize it or not, you are setting an example for those around you, whether positive or negative. Because your life is your message, you must decide what message you want to send in order to be the leader of your life.

Lead your own life

4.  Honoring others

Others will advise you to ensure that you receive all of the credit and validation that is due to you. Being the leader of your own life, on the other hand, entails learning to be humble and to give credit where credit is due. Going out ahead of others is only one aspect of leadership; you must also follow them. Instead of seeking recognition for yourself, demonstrate that you support them and recognize and appreciate them.

5. Intentional decision-making

It’s tempting to want to have all the answers, mitigate all the risks, or wait until the right time comes before making a decision. But you can’t wait forever for those things, and by then, everything has changed. Accepting your ability for contribution, which you exercise through the decisions you make, is what it means to be a Self Leader.

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6. Actively reject pessimism

There will always be something to be discontented with. Instead, have a zero-tolerance regime for negativity. The more you reject defeatist, critical, pessimistic, and unenthusiastic thinking, the more room you make in your life for positivity. As the master of your own life, you have the power to make yourself unhappy or happy with the decisions you make every day.

Leadership by Romil


7. Adaptability

Leadership isn’t an inherent quality, as was once thought, so your willingness to learn should be part of your adaptability. Learn from your own and others’ mistakes and apply what you’ve learned to become a better person.

You must be the leader of your own life.

It will be chosen for you if you do not choose your own priorities, actions, and mindset. What happens in your life will be determined by others. The longer you allow this to happen, the more difficult it will be to lead yourself again.

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13 thoughts on “Self Leadership – How to Lead your own life”

  1. Hi Romil,
    I like the “what if we flip the plot?”
    These days, many young people think of a leader as men whose power is based on their title, money, and position, glorified in the media.
    But a real leader stands out by example. It needs self-leadership, influencing one’s own thoughts, feelings, and actions to achieve a set goal. A person who leads himself encourages others to achieve their best by leading by example.
    You give fantastic advice in this post that can help to achieve self-leadership.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Erika, Leadership doesn’t need force/power. Leadership comes naturally when one is leading themselves in the right path and with a specific vision. When a individual takes lead of his life confidently, people start perceiving them as leader. It is no more about position/role but more about attitude and path one follow.

      Romil G Rambhad

  2. Solomon Joseph Emmanuel

    Thank you so much for sharing this important information with us. May your days be long on earth, long enough that your accomplishments will become impossible to forget.

  3. Hi Romil

    Excellent post, I also believe that to become a glorious leader, you need to think rationally and move forward with positivity. Take responsibility to your actions and do what is right for everyone.

    Santosh Gairola

    1. Absolutely Santosh, very well said! Taking responsibility of our actions becomes important as every decision will not work perfectly and might have to deal with uncertain situations but still moving forward with positive attitude makes a great leader.

      Romil Rambhad

  4. Hi Romil,

    Excellent post about leadership. This describes actual inner qualities required to grow as a leader. Still learning, but what are your thoughts on self leadership in a toxic and rude work culture environment. Not to be pessemestic, but actually I am hitting a roadblock here in a blaming environment althought I am trying my level best to inspire learning environments. Thanks


    Jeel Jose

    1. Hi Jeel,

      Yes, you got it right. Inner qualities are the core to grow as a leader and also one essential quality is dealing with difficult people (comes under communication though). A good leader tries to understand motives of the other person and then picks points to effective tackle the person.

      No matter where we work, there are always chances that we have to deal with such toxic individuals but handling those experiences makes leader more influential and a figure of authority.

      Romil Rambhad

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